About Us

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We bring companies alive by
visually telling their stories.

The common things expected from a digital agency are nice looking websites, branded social media profiles, some mobile apps and possibly a few microsites. At Hailstone we aim for more. It kicks off with a brilliant idea and leads to a unique digital approach to draw in your target group. Contemporary advertising should be something that people really want to be part of. Engaging your audience, that is what we’re here for.

Sometimes it’s hard and time-consuming, but we don’t look for shortcuts. This principle is central to our attitude that we are proud of. Hailstone is 100% independent and owner managed. We have been working closely together with leading brands from the beginning of the era of digital communication. We know how to achieve the perfect mix of strategy, creativity and technology to obtain business value for your brand. We’re all set to take your brand into the next decade.

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