January 7, 2019
Despite being a relatively young company, SaladStop had enjoyed success and wanted to better convey the firm's true values and qualities. The revamp of the SaladStop chain of restaurants was accomplished by ONG&ONG’s Environmental Branding and OXD. Its aim was to create a unique dining experience that would thoroughly engage the customer.
The Process
This project was an opportunity to see salads in a new light. The OXD team embarked on a two-week long journey of discovery where we engaged senior management, staff and suppliers. We also observed and engaged customers at five SaladStop outlets. Synthesizing the interviews and observations, we found that the common thread lay in the chain being a role model that inspired healthy living.
The Outcome
Today, Saladstop is a complete service experience that invites customers to join a healthy-eating movement. Within three months, outlets that incorporated the new identity and spatial design saw a significant 10 - 15% increase in customer footfall. SaladStop was a winner of the SG Mark 2014.