House at Neil Road
January 7, 2019
HDB Punggol Branch Office
January 7, 2019
Sentosa’s Port of Lost Wonder, Singapore’s first-ever beach club for kids, was conceptualised in collaboration with fellow experience designers, Awaken Group. This child’s wonderland spans 5,000 square meters and comprises a gathering of “islands” that aims to spark the joy of discovery and spirit of adventure for families. The beach club comes replete with water slides, water spouts, tipping cones of water and more.
The Process
Our journey started with an initial concept for a pirate-ship and the desire to create a customer-centric experience. We spoke to parents, children and the stakeholders to understand what they really cared about. By talking and drawing pictures with them we found that everyone wanted an experience that was far more than a water theme park. Adults viewed pirates as male-oriented and violent, but kids identified them as simply scary or dirty. Collating these and innumerable other insights enabled us to arrive at keywords such as Freedom, Empowerment, Bonding, Connection, Creativity and Adventure. We realised that any narrative needed to be open-ended to facilitate a variety of programming and storytelling, so as to ignite the imagination.
The Outcome
The result is a place of connection where memories are made. The Port of Lost Wonder is a destination where parents can spend quality time with their children, with areas for resting and relaxing, but also a place where kids can safely engage with one another and exercise their sense of independence. Sam Lee, Leisure Management Director at Sentosa shared in an interview: "The impact was something we never imagined. Within the span of five months, Sentosa and POLW had 54,000 children visiting. We have doubled our revenue targets."